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We Get Your Requests for New Deck Designs!

We get a lot of great feedback from 121C fans via email and FB messaging. Keep sending your comments and ideas!

The top requests are for:

  1. A Smaller, Less Expensive Board
  2. A Downhill Board
  3. A Trick Board

We hear you and we are planning to address all of those segments! We are working carefully and investing a lot of time on development of the world’s best downhill and freestyle boards for release next year.

We plan to release a smaller (and lower priced) board even sooner. We will launch crowdfunding campaigns to cover the tooling on those once we’ve toughly tested the prototypes. The trick board is also on our list and like all our products we won’t release it until it is the best product money can buy.

Here’s a sneak of one prototype for the small board we are testing. We are thinking of calling it “The Rover” in homage to NASA’s plucky Sojourner rover from the pathfinder mission.


A prototype we’ve been riding around USC (we probably won’t go with pink wheels, LOL).

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