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Our completes include Randal 180mm trucks & either 70mm 87A black Fireball Scorch or 70mm 80A black Shark Wheel Makos. If you wish to save $ & build out your own we like RandalFireball and Shark Wheels.

Afterburner v1.4

The Longboard Crafted from Rockets

121C Boards is proud to present The Afterburner.

The creation of the Aileron and the Rover were founded to provide a casual, cruising riding style. However, we knew we wanted to make a board for the more serious riders. It was from this aspiration that we designed The Afterburner, an up cycled spacecraft carbon fiber longboard optimized for the ultimate carving experience. 

Quasi Isotropic Layup

Pure Carbon Quasi-Isotropic Layup

Let us explain.

This refers to the carbon fibers and resin system used in The Afterburner. It is literally the same material used in the structures of modern rockets and spacecraft. The layup used ensures that there is the necessary amount of lateral and torsional strength.

The Cosmic Space Graphic

A design inspired by riders like you.

During production, we needed some solid ideas for graphics and decided to turn to you. We launched a contest to find the best design and received over 25 submissions. As you can tell, we are super stoked on how it turned out. 


Wheel to Wheel Camber

Sound familiar?

This is the same technology used in the Aileron. The camber creates a spring like affect and powers your ride, allowing you to pump and carve from turn to turn. 

Aggressive Wheel Flare

They make your board fly...

Just kidding, but seriously, they work some wonders. As you can see the deck flares up on the edges which allows you to turn sharper with lower risk for wheel-bite and locks your feet into place.

Drop Through

Drop Through Truck Mounting

A proven feature in the industry.

The cutouts in the tip and tail of the deck all you to mount the trucks to the top of the board. Why does this matter? It brings the deck lower to the grounds and provides a more stable ride.

Positioning Cutouts

Eyes, but for you feet, kind of.

These cutouts let you know the position of you feet on the board without having to constantly look down, which by the way is super sketchy. We want you to keep your eyes up and prepare for the next turn. 

Positioning cutouts
Load Test Crop

Perfect Flex Level

The perfect fit for your riding style.

By custom developing the layup schedule, we have tailored the feel and ride of the board for energized and responsive turns, while maintaining stability at high speeds.

Made in the U.S.A.

As if you didn't know this already. 

We are very proud to say that we are continuing to source the highest quality components from right here in the United States. Each 121C Board is designed and manufactured right here in Southern California.

IMG_7586 v 2