The Orbiter

A mid-size cruiser skateboard made from 100% space-grade carbon fiber

NOTE: We are currently out of 63mm Grey Rocket Hawgs and in the process of sourcing new wheels. All Orbiter Completes will ship with 62mm Black Sharkwheels or Fireball wheels, either can be requested.

Our completes are built out with Randal 125mm trucks, Oust MOC 5 bearings and 63mm Rocket Hawgs wheels.  If you want to build your own board, our decks have both old and new school mounting holes to fit almost any style trucks.

International duties may apply to non-US orders. The customer is responsible for any customs or import fees.

Orbiter 1.3

The Orbiter

Created from scrap Ailerons, crazy right?

The Aileron revolutionized the cruiser skateboard industry introducing the first 100% pure carbon fiber skateboard. After all it's success, we noticed that we still had a large amount of carbon scrap. Since our mission is to eliminate carbon fiber waste, we knew we had to find a way to put this extra material to use. It was from this realization that we are now proud to present the Orbiter. 


New Matte Finish

A twist on a modern classic

Unlike the Aileron's shiny and reflective finish, The Orbiter has a smooth, matte finish right from the production tool. This mirrors a natural look as it exists on the rockets of the space industry. 

An Innovative Design Inspired by You

You talked and we listened

We received a lot of comments asking for mid-size cruiser to fit between the Aileron and the Rover. We listened to this feedback and created the Orbiter. It is smaller and more portable than the Aileron, but bigger and more stable than the Rover. It's perfect addition to our unique collection of boards tailored for different riding styles. 


Top-Quality USA Components

A standard among all 121C Boards

As with all of our complete boards, the Orbiter is built out with trucks, wheels and bearings made right here in California.  All of our boards are hand assembled at our shop in Gardena, California.

100% Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber

The exact same stuff rockets are made of, we aren't kidding

The carbon fiber used in the Orbiter is the same material used in the production of spaceships and fighter jets, far better than any consumer grade material.