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Designing the Skateboard of the 21st Century

After hundreds of hours of testing, we are proud to present the Aileron.

We spend over a year engineering the Aileron to be the skateboard of the 21st century. Prototype after prototype was rejected. Once we settled on the configuration, we began intensive real world testing and made countless incremental improvements in an agile development process. Through all this testing, we are convinced that the Aileron is the greatest cruiser class skate deck ever made.

Aileron Dimensions
* Extreme bending including vehicle roll overs or impacts not covered under warranty

Perfect Flex Level

The perfect fit for your riding style.

By custom developing the layup schedule, we have tailored the feel and ride of the board for those looking for a perfect ride with energized and responsive turns.

Complex Concave and Camber

A design like no other. 

The Aileron’s edges slope upward from the flat, center line in order to give you added stability and responsive turning. In addition, the forward camber – the upslope in the middle section of the deck – makes the board elastic adding to its responsiveness.

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100% Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber

The exact same stuff spaceships are made of, seriously.

The carbon fiber used in the Aileron is the exact same material used to build rockets and fighter jets, far better than any consumer grade material. It is what makes the Aileron an incredibly strong deck, while being thin and lightweight.

Top-Quality USA Components

100% of Ailerons are manufactured in the United States.

All of our complete decks are fitted with made in California wheels, trucks, and bearings. Every board is assembled at our shop in Gardena, California. We don’t mean to brag, but this is something we
are very proud of.

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Encorporated Cut Out Design

Eliminates wheel bite once and for all.

We knew that cruisers are made to move with ease in style, so we incorporated aggressive cutouts to avoid wheel bite, as well as a functional kick tail to add to the riding experience.


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