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Rover Dimensions

The Out of this World Cruiser

121C is proud to present The Rover.

After our successful Aileron Kickstarter Campaign, we knew we had the opportunity to create something greater. 121C then introduced the Rover, the lightest cruiser skateboard crafted from carbon fiber up cycled from the production of modern day rockets. It seemed pretty popular as we raised over $102,000 on our Rover Kickstarter.


The Design

Reflecting its high-tech origin.

An old-school, surfboard shaped cruiser just wouldn't cut it. The carbon fiber used is used in the production of rockets and high performing aircraft. It from this, we looked to the sharp stealth cutouts of the F-117 Nighthawk and sleek hypersonic airfoil. 

The Cutouts

It isn't all just for looks.

The cutouts not only add to the appearance of a high-performing aircraft, but they also serve a purpose. You can secure your Rover inside your locker or on a bike lock because we are sure many of us have had the frustration of having our board stolen.


Made in the U.S.A.

As if our boards would be built anywhere else.

We know we could save some money by offshoring this kind of stuff to China, but that wouldn't be cool. Our deck production and build outs are done by college skaters in the very heartland of skateboarding-Southern California. 

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