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We Get Letters!

Thank you so much for my 121C Board. It is everything that I thought it would be. It is such amazing quality and greatly exceeded my expectations.  I found your company while I was searching the Internet for a gift for my boyfriend. He is obsessed with things that are made out of carbon fiber. He is also an avid skateboarder so naturally I searched for a carbon fiber skateboard. I wanted to find a skateboard deck that was completely made out of carbon fiber.


After searching through many cheap “carbon fiber decks” that were actually a sticker that looks like carbon fiber on a wood board, I finally came across 121C Boards.  I read all of the information on the website and watched all of the videos and immediately knew that this was what I wanted to give him. Naturally I gave it some time, searched the Internet more and could not find anything that compared to this product. I then purchased the Space Inspired Aileron board. Living in Louisiana, we do not have many quality skate shops like we are used to having from when we lived in California.


He was extremely excited to have a quality board again. All of our local skate friends love this board and have all tried to buy it off of him! I hope to one day be able to get another one for myself but for now I will just have to let him have all the fun. I have been highly recommending your company to everyone that asks about the board. Thank you again for developing such a unique and functional board! Cannot wait to see what you all develop next! We will definitely keep following 121C boards! Best of luck in all of your future endeavors!

– Cassidy Sims, Lafayette, LA