Every new 121C or deck is covered by our lifetime, original owner limited warranty.

121C Boards strives to make the highest quality cruiser decks make from 100% pure carbon fiber. While our decks have been tested to meet the most extreme conditions, they are not indestructible. Meteors, dinosaurs, and the occasional nuclear missile may hinder our decks to meet their fullest potential. It is from these potential disasters, that we have created this Warranty Policy.

Warranty Policy

All 121C Boards decks are guaranteed against manufacturing and material defect for the lifetime of the original owner. If for any reason you feel that our product does not meet your expectations for material integrity or build quality, please contact us at shop@121cboards.com to discuss your concerns. Our limited warranty does cover snapping, delamination, and other manufacturing defects. Our limited warranty does not cover that damage that includes, but is not limited to, damage by normal wear and tear, grinding, alteration made by owner, misuse, accidents, impact, or any other damages caused by uses other than intended.

121C Boards Inc. reserves the right, as we see fair, to either repair or replace any deck covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models with comparable models when necessary.


This warranty applies to all new 121C Boards decks within the lifetime of the original owner. Proof of purchase must be provided. For information regarding the warranties on trucks, wheels, bearings, and other components, see the websites of their original manufacturers.