Special Sale

Blemish Deck Sale

2020 sucked and so do these cosmetics.

Aileron and Afterburner Deck Only Blemish Boards

It was a rough year, for us and these decks.

Accidents happen. Scratches, wrinkles, and other cosmetic blemishes force us to reject boards.*

Despite this, we can guarantee they ride as good as new. As an upcycling company, we do our best to preserve the environment and avoid unnecessarily throwing away material.

Now you can help too.


SALE - AILERON blemish deck only

  • Deck Only

SALE- AFTERBURNER blemish deck only

  • Deck Only

*Please note that cosmetic defects include but are not limited to scratches, burns, porosity, dents, wrinkles, and weave misalignment. While the boards ride as a good as new, the magnitude of defects may be more intense on some boards compared to others. There are no refunds on Blemished boards.