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Our completes include Randal 150mm trucks & either 70mm 87A black Fireball Incendos or 70mm 80A black Shark Wheel Makos. If you wish to save $ & build out your own we like RandalFireball and Shark Wheels.

Designing the Skateboard of the 21st Century

1We spent more than a year engineering your Aileron to be the skateboard of the 21st century. Many prototypes were produced and rejected. Once we settled on the basic configuration we began intensive real world riding and made countless incremental improvements in an agile development process. We are convinced that the Aileron you order from 121C is the best cruiser class skate deck ever made. Here are some of the things that make our patent pending design great.

100% Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber: Our material is the best and generates amazing strength in a lightweight, thin deck. This is the exact same stuff used to build rockets and fighter jets. It’s far better than the consumer grade material that typically is applied in a single layer to a wooden board for looks. The Aileron provides real carbon fiber performance. Checkout our engineering video.


Cut Outs: Making a flat surfboard shaped deck would have been easy and obvious, but not right. Our design acknowledges that skateboards are for moving with ease and style, not for looking like something they are not. So, we tossed the traditional design book out the window. One of the first things you’ll see is that we’ve provided the Aileron with aggressive cutouts to avoid wheel bite and really a very functional kick tail.


Camber: The Aileron’s shape is technical and sexy, but it’s also an engineering triumph for skaters. The forward camber – that subtle upslope you see in the profile of the front-middle section of the board – puts your riding foot right on the “pop” point of the board. When you ride, the board goes flat and remains firm, rather than dipping-in like some other squishy boards. When you want to pop, you just let up. This added camber makes the board springy and incredibly pumpable through turns.


Complex Concave: You’ll see that the Aileron’s edges slope upward from the flat, center line. This design centers your weight for stability and gives you a lot of leverage for more responsive turning. Once you cruise the Aileron you’ll be surprised how “dead” a traditional board shape feels.

Three Flex Levels: We’ve spent a lot of time working with the specific layup of the 20+ layers of CF in each deck. We’ve developed Standard, High-Flex, and Rigid-Flex models so that you get the firm ride you want and when you need some pop or extra flex, you’ll find its there for you.


Durable Graphics: We spent an amazing amount of time trying out various graphic application techniques including wet decals, heat transfer decals, screen printing, etc. Our conclusion was that vinyl laminate graphics provide the best adhesion to our CF material and the best durability. Frankly, they’re a lot more expensive, but your Aileron is worth it.

Top-quality, USA Components: If you order a complete from us, you’re Aileron will be fitted with the best, made in California wheels, trucks and bearings. Again, we could save a few $ on Chinese gear, but we won’t compromise.

We chose to go with wider, longboard style, reverse kingping trucks for the perfect balance of ride stability with responsive control. The matte black 150mm Randall II trucks are light, durable and look awesome on our high-tech deck.
Wheels and Bearings:
We love the way the 70mm Fireball Incendo wheels grip when you need and slide when you want. We also offer the uber-cool high-tech look and totally unique performance of Shark Wheels, that move water and debris out of your way. Each package is outfitted with Oust MOC 5 Tech Bearings for a great ride and awesome durability.

We put a lot of work into design, engineering and testing building a skateboard for the 21st century. We know you’re going to love riding into the future as much as we have!