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Orbiter Complete Skateboard Package with Randal Trucks, Oust Bearings and Hawgs Wheels.

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Orbiter 1.3

The Orbiter

Created from scrap Ailerons, crazy right?

The Aileron revolutionized the cruiser industry through the introduction of the first 100% pure carbon fiber skateboard. After all its success, we still noticed that we were generating vast amounts of carbon scrap. Since we are an up-cycling company, we of course had to find a way to put this extra material to use. It was from this realization that we are now proud to present the Orbiter. 


New Matte Finish

A twist on a modern classic.

Unlike the Aileron's shiny and reflective finish, The Orbiter has a smooth, matte finish right from the production tool. This mirrors a natural look as it exists on the rockets of the space industry. 

An Innovative Design Inspired by You

You talked and we listened.

After many comments about the idea of a mid-size cruiser, 121C Boards created the Orbiter. It is smaller and more portable than the Aileron, but bigger and more stable than the Rover. It's perfect addition to the unique collection of boards tailored for different riding styles. 


Top-Quality USA Components

A standard among all 121C Boards.

Of course, all complete boards are fitted with made in California wheels, trucks, and bearings. On top of this, all boards are hand-built in our warehouse in Southern California. 

100% Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber

The exact same stuff rockets are made of, we aren't kidding.

The carbon fiber used in the Orbiter is the same material used in the production of spaceships and fighter jets, far better than any consumer grade material. 


While developing the Aileron we ended up with some blanks that were just a bit too small to fit the Aileron cut path. They've been sitting at the back of the shop for quite a while and we could bare to see them go without use any longer. We got to work on developing a fun board that could make use of these blanks and save them from being sent to the landfill. The result is a board that fits right in between that Aileron and the Rover. It has the portability the the Rover offers as well as the carvability that comes with the Aileron.
This board comes with a matte finish right from the tool that truly brings to life the look of the carbon as it exists on rockets in the space industry.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 8 × 4 in